Black summer truffle (Tuber aestivum)

It is rounded and irregular in shape and at times there is a dent at its base. The color ranges from near black to black. There are pyramidoid knobs on its surface 3-12 mm in width and these projections are rough with strong edges bearing a dent at their top.

The skin of this truffle is tightly attached to the flesh and it cannot be pealed.
The color of the flesh is white at the beginning, it turns to yellowish and then near black resulting in a bright dark color as it ripens.

The flesh is coherent and fleshy in texture and it is not affected if pressed by fingers.
It has a pleasant scent and flavor.
The black summer truffle is the one widely used as a main ingredient of truffle products.

Average weight 5-200gr
Diameter5-15 cm
AvailabilityMay to September
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