Black winter truffle (Tuber melanosporum)

It is rounded or lobed in shape. The skin is reddish at the beginning, turning to reddish-black and finally to deep black as it ripens. It has diamond-shaped projections on its surface with 4-6 faces ranging in size among 3-5 mm with a dent on their top. Also, the skin is tightly attached to the flesh and it cannot be pealed.

It has a distinctive, intense and pleasant aroma which derives from the composition of as many as 80 aromatic substances. This aroma is similar to the scent of dried mushrooms and of humus and it progresses until its peak to a scent of roasted nuts.

The flavour is also very distinctive and pleasant. It is slightly peppery and aromatic resembling that of hazelnuts.

Average weight 8-200gr
Diameter5-10 cm
AvailabilityDecember to March
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